GPT for Reddit

Unleash the power of ChatGPT on Reddit with witty replies, quirky TLDRs, speedy ELI5s, and a wild assortment of personas – all packed into one ridiculously awesome Chrome extension!

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Ready to level up your Reddit game? Discover GPT for Reddit, the Chrome extension designed to boost your Reddit experience with AI-powered content and a pinch of magic. Curious about what makes it so special? Let's dive in!

Witty, Contextual Comment Replies

Put your thinking caps away and embrace AI magic! Let GPT for Reddit craft the perfect clapback for you. This extension scans the post and previous comment, serving up a witty reply that fits the convo seamlessly. Engage more, think less, and watch that sweet karma roll in! Generate context-based comment replies just by typing /gpt.

Comment Replies

Instant TL;DRs

Can't be bothered to read through lengthy articles? Just feed GPT for Reddit a URL using the format /gpt-tldr(URL), and it'll whip up a zesty TL;DR of the page, making it a breeze to summarize content and share with your fellow Redditors. Stay in the loop without losing your sanity, and create concise summaries of articles in no time!


Speedy ELI5s

Baffled by a post? Confused by a comment? Let GPT for Reddit's ELI5 feature work its magic to simplify convoluted concepts and serve up easy-to-digest nuggets of wisdom. Just type /gpt-eli5 under any post or comment, and ChatGPT will conjure up an ELI5 version of the content. Demystify complex topics in a snap and make them accessible for everyone to grasp!


Open-Ended Prompts

Got questions or need ideas for posts and comments? GPT for Reddit's open-ended prompts let you tap into the AI hive mind for answers, knowledge, or creative inspiration. Go ahead, ask away, and explore the depths of ChatGPT using /gpt(PROMPT) to spark your curiosity or fuel your Reddit conversations!

Open Prompts

Personas & Word Caps

Unleash your alter ego with our selection of unique personas! Choose from standard, formal, troll, poet, gangsta, wholesome, philosopher, psychologist, hippie, boomer, conspiracy theorist, hustler, businessman, charmer, flirter, entitled kid, and more! Plus, set the word count for your replies to keep things snappy or go full-on manifesto.

Personas and Word Length

Getting Started with GPT for Reddit

1. Install the Extension

Download and install the GPT for Reddit Chrome Extension to get started.

2. Obtain Your API Key

Log in to your ChatGPT account and head to to find your API key.

3. Create and Save Your Secret Key

Click "Create new secret key", then copy the key and paste it into the extension's API Key input. Hit "Save" to store your key securely.

4. Choose Your Persona and Word Length

Select your desired persona and word length in the extension popup. Remember, you can change these settings anytime!

5. Unleash Your Reddit Superpowers

Head to a Reddit post and start using your new ChatGPT powers! Click to comment and try out one of the prompts.

6. Prosper!

Amaze the Reddit community with your newfound knowledge and wit, and bask in the glory of internet fame!

Unleash the Beast – Go Premium!

Unchain the full potential of GPT for Reddit and elevate your Reddit experience to epic proportions! Gain unlimited access to all personas, prompts, and features that leave free users behind.